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Webcontrol Machinery Corp was founded in 1988 who specializes in R& D, design and manufacture for Flexible /Shrink sleeves converting machinery. The major products include Dry Lamination m/c, Slitting m/c, Re-reeling & Doctor m/c, Bag making m/c , Shrink sleeve seaming m/c, Shrink sleeve inspection m/c, Shrink sleeve cutting m/c and Blender device. Webcontrol has been devoted the innovation and application in high technology to enhance the performance of machines. In addition, we aggressively develop new model with high efficiency as well as stable machines constantly to meet the demands of producing perfect quality and high efficiency production. We greatly appreciate for long term approval and support from customers who are located over 60 countries worldwide, our constant efforts for achievement the goals, such as increasing the accuracy in fabrication; application of PLC and MMI in electrical control system; deeply execution in Q.C aspect; design of safety machines in operation, in order to provide the best quality and after service to satisfy all of you .
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SLIT-1000/ 1300/ 1600 , Slitting Machine

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Product Name: Slitting Machine


for Shrink sleeve slitting
for Label slitting
for Paper slitting
for Plastic slitting


The Webcontrol product line is categorized into two distinct applications. The first and most diverse application is targeted at flexible packaging operations as well as label stock converters. The Slit product line user requires a machine that has high precision as well as product flexibility.
The machine must be able to slit various types and qualities of flexible packaging substrates as well as label stock and printing papers. The Slit production line comes standard with differential rewinds and automatic tension control systems to be able to Slit the toughest jobs. From PE to 400 micron aluminum structures, the Slit production line is truly a one stop slitter.
The second major application is film and thin paper slitting. For these applications, Webcontrol fabricates the Slit-B Model line. The Slit-B Model line is designed for evenly distributed high performance films. Label stock users don't require differential rewinds but the ability to Slit big diameter and multiple slitting capabilities. In terms of tension control, Webcontrol has designed the entire slitting product line with the same tension algorithm.
The design permits users to change tension settings between manual, automatic and taper modes to optimize the slitting application. Following is a diagram depicting the tension system.


3" (76 mm.) Air Shaft Unwind with Magnetic Powder Brake and Hydraulic Lift. The maximum diameter roll is 1000 mm. Upgrade to increase diameter is available.


3" (76 mm.) Air Shaft Unwind with Magnetic Powder Brake. The standard diameter roll is 800 mm. Upgrading to increase diameter is available.

Webcontrol utilizes E+L E/LPC. This model is a market leader and has a worldwide service team for immediate backup.

In order to be able to slit a wide range of materials, Webcontrol offers two cutting systems. The machines come standard with razor and groove roller cutting systems. The razors can be fixed or mounted optionally on air-activated systems. For paper and label stock applications, Webcontrol offers a shear knife device. Shear knives come standard with our UHS model.


Webcontrol utilizes a vacuum drum to keep the web from moving after it has been aligned. This permits users to achieve maximum slitting speed whilst maintaining precision. This feature is ideal for high-slip materials and polyethylene that are restricted by slitting speed.


All models come standard with MMI touch screen interface. Our OEM touch screen has high resolution color as well as a long service life. All models come standard with independent and freestanding operator panels.

All models come with a differential rewind shaft. The minimum slit width standard on all models is 50 mm. Smaller slit widths may be achieved depending on the application. Please consult your representative.

The inspection option is available for all Slit production lines. This option is ideal for users that require additional doctoring capacity. It is not intended to be able to combine slitting and doctoring features. Utilizing the inspection table to doctor defective materials, the slitting process is accomplished at higher precision and speed without the need for stops.

Webcontrol offers fast solutions to meet various automation requirements.

Synchronizes with the line speed of the slitting machine. Linear guide is equipped for stable oscillation.


E+L Guiding System
In-Feed Vacuum Drum
PLC Based Control System
Touch Screen Interface
3 AC Vector Drives 1 x Main & 2 x Rewind
Unwind Closed Loop Tension Control
Hydraulic Shaftless Unwind

Model SLIT-1000 SLIT-1300 SLIT- 1600
Unwind Width 1000mm 1300mm 1600mm
Unwind Diameter 800mm/1000mm 800mm/1000mm 800mm/1000mm
Rewind Diameter 500mm/600mm 500mm/600mm 500mm/600mm
Minimum Slit Width 50 / 100mm 50 / 100mm 50 / 100mm
Unwind Inner Diameter 3"(5 or 6"as optinal ) 3"(5 or 6"as optinal ) 3"(5 or 6"as optinal )
Machine Speed 5 ~ 250 M/min. 5 ~ 250 M/min. 5 ~ 250 M/min.
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